CIS 101 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems
On-line - Summer 2020 - 6 week course


Brad Ford



My IT Lab Session:

ID: Ford95414



Ticket Number:

#22010 (Lecture) and #22011 (Lab)

Email address:

Web Home page:

Office hours:

By appointment only - By email at any time.

Course Materials:

There is a textbook package at the college bookstore and a link from the College Course Catalog to the text book materials - Textbook information is available in the orientation materials, syllabus and on my webpage


Technology in Action Exams 13@ 25 pts. ea.


Office 2016 Exam 1 @ 20 pts. 20
Windows 8 Exams 3 @ 20 pts. 60
Office Projects 9 @ 50 pts 450
Final Exam


Total Points


A=859.5 (90%), B=764 (80%), C= 620.75 (65%), D=477.5 (50%), Fail=477 and below

Tentative Schedule


Technology in Action - End of chapter quixxes

My It Lab Assignments

Week 1 -
June 24
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
No projects due
Week 2 -
July 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Orientation Quiz
Office Features Quiz
Windows 10 Chapter 1 Quiz
Week 3 -
July 8
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Windows10 Chapter 2 quiz
Windows10 Chapter 3 quiz
PowerPoint project 1
Week 4 -
July 15
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Word Project 1
Word Project 2
Excel Project 1
Week 5 -
July 22
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Excel Project 2
Excel Project 3
Excel Project 4
Week 6 -
July 29
Final exam Excell project 5
AND either
Access Projecs 1 & 2
OR PowerPoint projects 2 & 3
July 29, 11:00 PM All assignments must be turned in All assignments must be turned in

For All Students - You exam and lab submissions will be through

Academic honesty is expected. You should reference the college academic honest policy in the catalogue and schedule of classes.

Make sure that you fsread the "Orientation" and "Getting started with myitlab" documents.

The required materials are an access code to myitlab and the books. Choose only one of these options:

The above schedule is subject to change.

NOTE: The student who wants to work at home, will need access to Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016 to do the assignments for this course. The Office suite needs to include Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016 & Access 2016. If you do not have the software on your computer you may do the hands-on work on the campus computers. The campus labs have Office 2016 loaded. Cerritos College does not supply students computer software for student home computers.

Revisions to schedule will be made to the syllabus and posted on the web sites for this class. Lab, lectures, and supporting materials for this class are posted on the sites. MyITLab site contains exams and labs and other things not found on the Cerritos site. Instructions to log on to the site will be provided in the orientation orientation. It is the students responsibility to retrieve their assignments from the Web pages. All assignment must be submitted to your instructor via myITLab. Nothing will be submitted through Canvas. They will ONLY be accepted through MyITlab and NOT via email. The online student MUST submit their assignment via myITLab. This will be explained at the orientation document and in the online lab instructions.

Academic Honesty/Dishonesty Policy: The work submitted by each student in this class is expected to their own work, not the work of others. Please be sure to read the college’s Academic Honesty/Dishonesty Policy found in the catalogue and schedule of classes. A copy of the catalogue is located at and the Academic Honest/Dishonesty Policy is found in the schedule of classes. Don't put your credit in this course at risk by violating this policy.

For tests be sure to study and answer questions on your own without help from other students. For the homework assignments make sure you submit your own files from scratch and do your own typing. I know some of you work together, share books and computers. That’s OK. What is not OK is having one person type up the assignment and then submitting it (file or printed document) for multiple students. Trust me I have ways of figuring it out if you are cheating in this manner. If I determine that you are cheating, then I will do one of the following actions as stated from the college’s policy:

One or more of the following actions are available to the faculty member who suspects a student has been cheating or plagiarizing:

  1. Review-no action.
  2. An oral reprimand with emphasis on counseling toward prevention of further occurrences. A requirement that work be repeated.
  3. A reduction of the grade earned on the specific work in question, including the possibility of no credit for the work.
  4. A reduction of the course grade as a result of item 4 above, including the possibility of a failing grade for the course.
  5. Referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs for further administrative action, such as suspension or expulsion.

Student Learning Outcome: