CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems



myitlab Information

This page gives you the information to get started with myitlab which is where you will be doing the majority of your work (training, tests, submitting assignments) and accessing course resources.

myitlab Website: I suggest that you copy/paste this link in to your web browser and then add it to your favorites/bookmarks.  That way you can access myitlab directly and in a full window as oppose to within the TalonNet smaller window.


STEP 1 myitlab Registration and Login:

IMPORTANT:  When registering please be sure to type your first and last name exactly as it appears in your MyCerritos account.  Do not use all capital letters.  Do not use all lowercase letters.  Use mixed case/title case.  For example my name in mixed case/title case is Marge Hohly.  If you do not do it correctly, I will ask you to call the myitlab technical support staff to make the correction.  So please save yourself a phone call and do it correctly.

myitlab Registration and Login Information: 

Confused? Go to the First Day of Class link for resources and videos.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL:  Please be sure to enroll in the correct course.  The course ID's are as follows:

Course Name Section # Meeting Times myitlab Course ID
CIS 101 Intro. to Computers 21539 & 21858  Online  Ford22097


STEP 2 Learning How to Use myitlab:

Now it's time to learn how to use myitlab.  Go to this page for resources on using myitlab:

First Day of Class link at

Suggested reading/viewing:

STEP 3 Installing myitlab on Your Personal Computer - Optional:

If you are using the computers in the CIS labs, then you can skip this step.  In the CIS labs please ask the lab assistant which Windows login should be used for the myitlab sessions.

Installing myitlab on your home computer.  If you are going to do myitlab on your personal computer then you will need to install a few files to make the training simulations run smoothly and optimally.  Here's the link to the steps and installer information --- .  Currently myitlab only works on Windows operating systems.  System requirements are listed at

Mac Users:  Use the following link for the MAC user access:

It takes about 15 - 40 minutes to install myitlab depending on your Internet connection speed.


Go to for technical support on myitlab.

Important note for support:  If you are having problems with myitlab in any way.  You MUST contact the myitlab support at the link above.  DO NOT EMAIL ME for help.  I can not provide this type of help.  It can only be provided by myitlab technical support.